The sawing production process is often put second to supposedly more important technologies. This is done even though sawing is often the indispensable first step in the value-added chain, without which further processes would be entirely impossible.

In the sawing area, we offer a broad range for optimal material processing with the band saws and various under-table mitre saws.

Band saws

Beck band saws of the Rapid series are available at sizes and wheel diameters of 400 – 900 mm.

The robust and functional build, as well as the comprehensive safety equipment, ensure economically efficient and accident-free work.

Individual coordination with different usage areas is ensured this way. See the adjacent information for more details. We will gladly advise you on your specific solution.

Under-table mitre saws

Four different models – design for saw blade diameters of 350 to 600 mm – are available. The saws are built adjusted to work with the corresponding saw blades.

Apart from a solid machine body of stable, welded steel elements, the sophisticated technology helps make work safe and economically efficient.

Many function elements are the standard in all models. The pneumatic drive for the saw stroke is part of this, and so also is the automatic fastening of work pieces.

Protection devices ensure work without injury. A two-hand control makes it impossible to reach in accidentally while sawing. The practical protective shield before the saw blade also is part of the serial equipment of the Beck undertable mitre saws.

Sensible options also permit usage-specific adjustment of the machine.

Roll and measuring lanes from the EXAKT-program complete the saw range and also make work easier.


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