Lifting Units


Where loads must be lifted to a certain level, the TEAMER lifting unit is the right partner. The mini lifter transports pallets or individual workpieces to the desired height by the push of a button. The power supply through high-performance rechargeable batteries makes the TEAMER independent of the supply lines and thus universally usable anywhere.

The compact build and short wheelbase makes the TEAMER highly manoeuvrable. In the standard design, the TEAMER has a stable lifting range that serves to take up the different load-handling tools. Many industry-specific load handling tools such as handling mandrels for cable drums or fabric bales have been developed in the past already. We will gladly develop optimal solutions for your applications.


The MULI stacking and unstacking unit supplements processing machines in an ideal manner. A sensor measures the pre-set distance from the upper plate and adjusts the level automatically at every change. The top-most workpiece thus always remains on the same level. With different models and sizes, MULI adjusts toe the respective needs.

Pallet lift

The pallet lift, an electrohydraulic unit, lifts and lowers pallets with loads up to 1,000 kg. For safety, the pallet lift stops 70 mm above the floor. The pallet lift lifts Euro pallets by default. The TSLN version additionally permits inclination of the load by up to 40°.


The often-needed “third hand” – the SERVANT swivel arm outrigger ensures easy power supply at manual workplaces. Electricity, air and extraction lines come from above, precisely where they are needed. The SERVANT is available in spans of up to 5,000 mm and can be attached either on the wall or ceiling, or in the middle of the room with a stable base. The double-jointed arm is equipped with an easily adjustable friction brake that can be used to adjust the swivelling behaviour.

Crafts boy

This practical assistant works helps in different processing places. The height adjustment takes place simply and gradually.


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