Scissor lifting tables of the TL lifting table series with simple scissor mechanism are available in different designs and sizes, with a maximum lifting height of up to 3,000 mm. They have been specifically designed for areas where heavy and differently sized workpieces are moved and processed.

They are used in production, maintenance as well as logistics, with the maximum carrying capacity being 10,000 kg. A special stainless steel version for food operations supplements the many standard versions.

The TL lifting tables as vertical double or triple scissor lifting tables are a good choice where very high lifting is required. The difference between the lower and the upper settings is up to 4,500 mm. Thanks to the sophisticated scissor build, the lifting table is able to lift up to 6,000 kg even with this extraordinary stroke size. Even highly loaded pallets can be loaded and unloaded in a back-compatible and speedy manner thanks to the extreme lifting height.

All TL versions can be placed level with the ground but can also be sunk into the ground.

The TL super-flat lifting table has 16 different designs and therefore leaves nothing to be desired. They are true all-rounders with a minimum height of 80 or 100 mm and a carrying capacity of up to 2,000 kg.

No matter if stationary or mobile, hot-dip galvanised or in non-corrosive stainless steel: TL super-flat lifting tables meet all requirements. They are set up directly on level bases so that installation with a pit is not necessary. Euro pallets can be put directly onto the lifting table with stackers or lifting carts. A ramp is not needed for this.


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