Anyone who produces frames and doors or wants to apply solid edges to workpieces will need a gluing press with the most universal usage range possible that can put pressure precisely on the right spot.

The staged gluing press “KONTRA” is a highlight in the industry. The precise production of panels and steps is faster and more economically efficient this way. The press is used in crafts and industry alike.

The “QUATTRA” frame press has been developed specifically for frame production and edge pressing. It is made of a stable frame welding structure of thick-walled steel profiles. Freely movable vertical and side pressure beams take up the manual or electrohydraulic press units and the associated counter-bearings.

The perforated plate press “BORA” can fasten and glue various workpieces together. Simple solid wood panels can be joined as well as doors, window frames or fillings for furniture.

Apart from hand-operated hydraulic press units, pneumatically actuated pressure elements are available as well. They are offered as individual element for pointed pressing or as a pressure beam. These make it possible to apply an even pressure across the entire working width when installing plates or attaching edges.

The air supply to the pneumatic elements takes place either from above or from the side. The supply station has a sufficient number of connections that can process multiple workpieces at the same time.

Holders adjusted to the perforated plate of the BORA ensure attachment with perfectly accurate angles. This leads to a precise work result at the entire workpiece.

Different accessory elements are available to expand the options. This also includes an undercarriage with casters that ensures mobility in the production site.

Details for an optimal gluing press should best be specified with our sales team.


Glue supply units of the LOGDOS series are characterised by economic efficiency and their universal usage range.

Different container sizes and a comprehensive accessories range leave nothing to be desired.

The containers store not only the desired glue amount, but also the corresponding compressed air volume. This makes the LOGDOS independent of supply lines in use and permits a large action range.


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