New products

Retrofittable and universally applicable machine activation extends assortment.

The new electronic key system ensures safe working on standard machines and many other devices with electronic control.

An electronic key serves as access to all functions of the machine. The key is personalized and only gives approval if the prerequisites are met.

Thereby, e.g. prevents employees from working on a machine without annual safety instruction.
The built-in real-time clock matches the current date with the employee’s last briefing. The machine will only be activated if the validity is confirmed.

Each use by the authorized employee is documented. The management is thus able to determine at any time who has done which work.

The basic model TM 100 enables easy machine activation. Compared to traditional keyswitches or password-based solutions, TM 100 offers the option of personalization and documentation.

For companies with larger machinery, it is possible to centrally control and release the personalization of the machines by networking the devices (TM 300).

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