Ergonomic work tables and
handling equipment for the practice

More than 35 years have passed since Reinhold Beck Maschinenbau GmbH was founded. The company, headquartered in Krauchenwies in Upper Swabia, today employs around 25 people.

At the beginning, only machines and equipment for woodworking were on the program. Over the years, intelligent solutions have been developed for different sectors and industries.

Beck offers a high degree of vertical integration with its own design and modern production facilities in the areas of turning, milling, drilling and welding. This is supplemented by an own assembly. Special machines are also manufactured on customer request.

Innovative lifting tables, roller and guideways, handling devices, saws and gluing presses from Beck are to be found everywhere where value is placed on productive and safe working.

Reinhold Beck recognized the potential of ergonomic workstations early on. Here he has set standards and with height-adjustable worktables, which take into account different body sizes and at the same time the dimensioning and optimal positioning of the workpieces. These are found in more and more companies and make their contribution there to protect the health of the workers and to improve the profitability.

We look forward to assisting you in optimizing your manufacturing, maintenance and warehouse jobs.

Ergonomics increases in product developmenta high priority.

The customer in the center.

The consultation before the purchase is just as important as the support in the handling and commissioning.

Work processes can be made more effective, more economical and safer – Reinhold Beck was convinced of this when he founded his company in 1984. Woodworking craft enterprises were at the beginning in the center.

The solid wood sizing press KONTRA for the production of glued-wood panels and steps enabled new production processes. Recognition in specialist committees was great.

Reinhold Beck was awarded the Bavarian State Prize in 1991 for his KONTRA.

Beck Maschinenbau today offers a wide range of different machines and devices. For a long time, metal and plastic processing companies have also come into focus. Ergonomics plays an important role in product development.

Machines from Beck contribute to production, installation and maintenance to protect the health of employees while still ensuring economic processes.

Reinhold Beck Maschinenbau GmbH has grown in importance in recent years. In the meantime … employees are working on implementing the company goals.

What remains is the character of an owner-managed family business.
The close contact with customers and affiliated institutions is just as important as the typical Upper Swabian traction and modesty.

Good products are created in practice. </ strong>
Close contact with customers, professional associations and other competent institutions therefore plays a decisive role for Beck’s technicians.

Expectations of products and services on the part of the market are constantly changing. New insights in different areas, trends, processes and last but not least globalization make it necessary to constantly examine, modify or develop completely new product lines.

The demands for more efficiency are taken into account.
With timely and sophisticated products, we give our customers the support they need, and we support them in their efforts to compete, to be at the forefront.

In a society that is getting older and the retirement age is constantly being revised upwards, the demands for particularly ergonomic workplaces are becoming ever louder.

The highest degree of ergonomics is therefore at the top of the list when developing new products.

Medical and safety officers in companies have long recognized that there are competent partners in Krauchenwies who support them with their products and accompanying services in their work.

The customer with his wishes, needs and demands is at the center of our efforts.
With an offer of corresponding products alone, this goal can not be achieved. Experienced employees therefore support customers and dealers in many ways.

The consultation before the purchase is just as important as the support in the handling and commissioning.

Of course, we also look forward to contacts after the machine handover, to assist in the work or just to broaden our horizons, in the sense of a continuous development of our machines and devices. When customers come to our house a second time, we are sure that we have done a good job and that we are on the right path to reach our goal.